Gunner was a very bright, vibrant little boy. Do you know that one friend you have that everyone is just drawn to? You can’t quite put your finger on why they make you feel so special, but you just always want to be around them. This friend makes you laugh, smile, and keeps you on your toes with clever comments and fun stories. This friend is magnetic. This friend is whimsical.

This friend was Gunner.

When he was still here with us, Gunner’s gift was spreading joy- and he was a professional at it even at the young age of 2. In a group of people, he would shine. He drew people to him; we say he was Magic! These were his gifts. His gift to us is a little different now. Gunner’s Gift represents the opportunities we have to spread awareness and educate parents on drowning prevention.

We have made it our mission at The Gunner Martin Foundation to establish a program that will train and equip parents to teach their kids how to swim and will allow parents to have the necessary skills to prevent drownings in their own home. We have made it our life goal to spread the word and need your help to eliminate childhood drownings in Broward County and the USA.

The Gunner Martin Foundation is providing swim scholarships!

We will offer scholarships up to 95% off swim lessons. If your child is between the age of 6 months and 5 and you would like to apply for a scholarship, please fill out this form below. WaterSmart Broward offers a free $40 voucher per child per year. You can find it here.