The Gunner Martin Foundation

The Gunner Martin Foundation was established in August of 2016 by his mother, Christina Martin, just 4 short months after sweet Gunner went to heaven. We find it vitally important to provide awareness and education on water safety and on how quickly a child can succumb to a drowning. We strive to break the stereotypes associated with drownings and want to make sure parents everywhere are equipped with the knowledge to protect their children in their own backyards.

If you are interested in purchasing a Spread JOY t-shirt to help provide swim lessons for kids who can not afford them, you can email and let us know what size is needed. Shirts are $30 + shipping. Not all sizes are available, once we re-order shirts, online purchasing through the website will be available.



The Meaning Behind The Dragonfly

Just like the butterfly, the dragonfly also symbolizes transformation. Dragonflies usually lay their eggs underwater on plants. Once the egg hatches they live in the water for up to a few years in this nymph stage. As the dragonfly grows, its skin splits open. This transformation process occurs multiple times and each time, the dragonfly keeps getting bigger and more developed. Once the dragonfly is ready for its last transformation, it climbs on a plant out of the water and grips the plant. Its skin splits open and this time the dragonfly walks out with wings! The warmth from the sun warms the dragonfly and the dragonfly starts breathing air and pumping blood throughout its body. This allows the dragonflies wings to straighten out.

The dragonfly starts as a nymph living in the water and ends as an air breathing adult. This metamorphosis is so beautiful. Gunner’s life on earth represents the dragonflies life in the water. And his life in heaven represents the dragonflies life flying around.

We would LOVE to hear from you

We want the Gunner Martin Foundation to mean so many things to everyone. We want it to mean hope, we want it to speak life, we want it to resemble safety and we want it to spread joy!