A gift of any size would be so greatly appreciated – and your dollar can really go far! A donation of any size goes a long way. Every penny going into the foundation stays there. Donations go towards swim lessons, our spread joy initiatives, door alarms, website hosting, among other things. Nothing goes toward staff, or administration, everything goes directly into our water safety and spread joy initiatives.


When you become a Partner with the Gunner Martin Foundation, you join our team in the fight against childhood drownings. We would love to share resources, join in on events, and brainstorm on ideas.


When you become a Sponsor of the Gunner Martin Foundation, you join our team in the fight against childhood drownings. Your business logo will be placed on our website, banners, tents and any other marketing materials that will be provided to the community.

Where does our time and spending go?

We want you to know that we care where your money goes and how it will be used. Every dollar donated to The Gunner Martin Foundation will help us educate and equip more families, provide more free swim lessons, and help us share information within the water safety community.